a little about  me

I created this sacred space to support busy, overworked women who want to slow down, be present and experience more fulfillment and flow in their lives. I help my clients to design a life that’s intentional by incorporating daily sacred practices that support self-care and reawakens their divine feminine essence.

Hi, I’m Lauri-Ann Ainsworth and I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. I used to be filled with worry, anxiety, stress, and exhaustion.

Slow just wasn’t a word in my vocabulary.

I was always chasing my tail working a full-time job, multiple projects and starting my own business while trying to be a present mom and wife – Needless to say I was anything but present.

Doing things that I loved or taking time to care for myself was a once in a blue moon activity. The negative energy of my lifestyle started to take its toll on me. I wasn’t spending time with my family, the work I was doing wasn’t in alignment with me and I felt unfulfilled, I wasn’t sleeping and the exhaustion was overwhelming.

That’s when it happened.

I heard a gentle voice in my head say, stop.

And that’s exactly what I did. I stopped everything.

Immediately, I had pressed the pause button on all the projects I was working on. I started reading about energy work and the Divine Feminine. I was hooked!

I started working with mentors and coaches and for the first time EVER,  I was doing very little, compared to my schedule before, and it felt so healing to me. It was what I needed.

Reiki was the next step in my journey (a Japanese healing modality that uses life force energy to balance the mind and body through the energy centers – also known as chakras) and I developed a daily practice. I loved it so much that I continued my studies and became a Reiki Master. Later I became a certified life coach and women’s circle facilitator.

Life started to feel more aligned and in flow. I started incorporating self-care activities, mindfulness, sacred ceremony and ritual into my life. I started manifesting things and situations that I had always hoped for but felt were out of reach. Like traveling to exotic places, doing work that I felt good about and building my dream home in the perfect location.

Now, I finally understand what it means to love myself and why loving and taking care of myself makes me a better mother, wife, businesswoman, and person in this world.

My purpose is to support women like me who need to get back in alignment with themselves so they can live an intentional life that’s filled with ease, flow, and grace.

My work involves understanding moon cycles and how working with these energies can improve your life, manifesting techniques, self-care routines, sacred ceremonies, nourishing recipes and all things Divine Feminine.

Are you ready to live with more grace, ease and step into your feminine energy? If this resonates with you, I’d love to offer you a complimentary consult to see if I am the right coach to help you on your journey.



  • Beautiful You Life Coach – Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy
  • Certified Reiki Master – Usui Reiki Ryoho
  • Certified Red Tent and Women’s Circle Facilitator
  • Certified Spirit Guide
  • Certified in General Thai Massage – Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical School – Thailand


More about me:

  • I’m blessed to be the mom of two beautiful souls – My girl and my boy.
  • I’m a proud island girl – hailing from the beautiful land of wood and water – Jamaica
  • I’m an abstract artist. I’ve loved creating art ever since I can remember. It soothes me.
  • I’m an empath – I pick up on people’s energy very easily
  • I have another job – I work as a Director at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Yup! I work for Sir Richard Branson too.
  • I’m a foodie – I looove food. Especially spicy, flavourful food like my native Jamaican cuisine, Thai and Indian.
  • Herbal tea and red wine are my beverages of choice.


I  believe:

  • that we can all heal ourselves, we’ve just forgotten how to
  • that if we start healing our own lives, and start loving ourselves the world will be a better place
  • that crystals have healing energy and can raise our vibrations
  • that we are all far more powerful than we know