Hi, I’m Lauri-Ann Ainsworth and I’ve been on a journey of my own awakening.


I used to be a manifesting maven, bringing into reality my desires without even knowing how I was doing it. I would manifest money, specific jobs, relationships, you name it – I was manifesting it. I thought I was just lucky. Until that luck seemed to have run out.


Life took some twists and turns and I started feeding myself victim stories which lead to self neglect, frustration, anxiety, anger, feeling unworthy of my desires and being in a state of lack.


I panicked.


For years I tried desperately to get back to that place of being in the flow.  At my lowest point I was:

  • In serious debt – credit cards maxed and collectors calling me kind of debt
  • My relationship was toxic and we were about to kill each other
  • I had no direction and was unfocused
  • Living in a house that was about to fall to pieces and unhealthy for my two babies
  • Overworked and hustling multiple jobs and projects


I tried the affirmations, the vision boards, the visualizations and even turned to psychics for guidance. Nothing seemed to get me out of that rut. Until I changed my energy. I started doing the inner work that cleared up some of those blocks. When I stopped hustling, became still and started working on me from the inside out is when I realized what I was doing all those years before.


What most coaches and law of attraction practitioners don’t tell you is that you have to do the inner work first before any of that other stuff can truly work. It may work sometimes but not others and that’s when you get discouraged and start to doubt your own abilities. From there it is a downward spiral of frustration and self doubt.


You are a powerful creator. You have the ability to bring into your life all that you desire.


After I started my own healing and started living in the flow:

  • I paid off my debt
  • I manifested specific jobs (yet again)
  • I started getting more clients
  • My relationship, like a phoenix, rose from the ashes and we’ve never been happier
  • I manifested our dream home – literally. This one seemed almost impossible. I’ll tell you about that another time.
  • I manifested trips to exotic places that I always wanted to travel to
  • Got clarity on my life purpose and reinvented myself


True fulfillment in life starts from raising your vibration through your energy system on the inside. Your outer reality is a reflection of your inner vibration. When you upgrade your energy, you upgrade your life.


Are you ready to raise your vibration, heal yourself from the inside out and start manifesting your dreams? 



  • Beautiful You Life Coach – Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy
  • Certified Reiki Master – Usui Reiki Ryoho
  • Certified Red Tent and Women’s Circle Facilitator
  • Certified Spirit Guide
  • B.A from the University of Toronto
  • Certified Project Manager
  • Over a decade career in Marketing and Entrepreneur Development


More about me:

  • I’m blessed to be the mom of two beautiful souls – My girl and my boy.
  • I’m a proud island girl – hailing from the beautiful land of wood and water – Jamaica
  • I’m an abstract artist. I’ve loved creating art ever since I can remember. It soothes me.
  • I’m an empath – I pick up on people’s energy very easily
  • I’m a foodie – I looove food. Especially spicy, flavourful food like my native Jamaican cuisine, Thai and Indian.
  • Herbal tea and red wine are my beverages of choice.


I  believe:

  • that we can all heal ourselves, we’ve just forgotten how to
  • that if we heal and learn to work with our energy system (the chakras) we can live our dream lives
  • that crystals have healing energy and can raise our vibrations
  • that we are all far more powerful than we know