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5 Day Challenge
Chakra Business Alignment

Want to learn how to get crystal clear on your desires, learn how to use Law of Attraction and your chakra energies to bring them into your reality, and wipe out any limiting beliefs while taking strategic aligned action in the process?

Give yourself 5 days to be set up for success in 2019

Join the challenge and by Friday you'll have: 
*Learned about the chakras and how they relate to your personal and business life
*Learned which of your chakras is blocked and how to cleanse and activate its energy to be in flow with your desires
*Mapped out your plan to finally get your soul-fueled business out of your head and into the world

What people say about my Chakra Business Alignment Method

Working with Lauri-Ann is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. In only 90 minutes, she helped me uncover what I’d been working on for a year with no success: my ideal client.

Lauri-Ann’s spiritual wisdom combined with her business background is the perfect match for anyone who has a business focused on bringing in more love and light into the world.

She is a gift to the entrepreneurial world. If you are struggling with any facet of your business, I have no doubt that Lauri-Ann will get you back on track. She’s a miracle-maker.  

Josette LeBlanc Self-Love & Soul Work Coach

I love how Lauri-Ann integrates pragmatic, practical and business logic with how this aligns to our soul, vision and the use of all of our chakras. The energy Lauri-Ann brought to the session, how it was structured and what action steps I needed to take were a big turning point. I had so much energy post session as everything is now starting to feel more aligned. It’s given me a spark to keep looking at things and listen to my intuition no matter what. 

Since our session, I started making tweaks to my website, copy, branding and stripped back the layers to make it clearer and more simple to navigate for everyone. 

The session was invaluable and highly recommended if you are ready to align your ‘woo with your work’ for results.

Kristy Gray - Inner Beauty & Body Coach

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