Business Coaching For Lightworkers

Are you a new coach, healer or wellness practitioner ready to grow your heart-centred business and make a difference in the world while making money?

Here's how I can help you. 


Get a 1:1 experience when you work with me in a coaching series. We'll work together to get your coaching, healing or wellness business up and running online with paying clients, even if you have no idea where to start. During these sessions you're going to get hands on strategic planning and implementation.  I'll meet you where you are in your business and help you move to the next level.  I combine spirituality with strategy to help you create a business that's aligned with your soul purpose.


When it comes to running an online business, sometimes you just don't know what you don 't know. Another online course may not be the right option for you when it comes to implementation. Accelerate your growth and go from lightworker to lightleader with my 1:1 or group training sessions. 

Learn everything from how to set up your business systems and tech to how to create digital courses without any of the frustration.

In my sessions we don't just talk theoretically. I'll give you the knowledge and help you to implement at the same time.  

Join the community

Join our community of lightleaders in our Aligned & Abundant Society Facebook Group. This is a sacred space where we talk about all things spiritual and strategic. We talk crystals, moon cycles, sales funnels, digital marketing and self care. It's a wonderful mix of living our lives with ease and grace while also being soulful CEO's of our businesses. Come join us

Hi I'm Lauri-Ann

I’ll help you get clear on your purpose and show you exactly how to plan, set up and create an online business that you’ll love while living abundantly too!

I take the guesswork out of the strategy and tech stuff so that you can get on with doing your light work.

I'm a Life & Business Coach, Reiki Master, Spirit Guide, Red Tent Facilitator and mom of two.  

It's time to start putting your talents, skills and gifts to work. You don't need another certificate or to earn more qualifications. You need to put the ones you already have to work right now!

The world is waiting for you to shine your light. 

Love Notes:


Working with Lauri-Ann is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. In only 90 minutes, she helped me uncover what I’d been working on for a year with no success: my true ideal client. She helped me understand that because my vision wasn’t clear, I wasn’t able to communicate my services through my website. So through her gentle questions and profound wisdom, I got completely clear on who my ideal client is. And since our time together, I haven’t been able to stop writing copy for my website! I keep getting deeper clarity and more confidence in what I need to share.

Lauri-Ann’s spiritual wisdom combined with her business background is the perfect match for anyone who has a business focused on bringing in more love and light into the world. She is a gift to the entrepreneurial world. If you are struggling with any facet of your business, I have no doubt that Lauri-Ann will get you back on track. She’s a miracle-maker.

Josette LeBlanc , Self-love & Soul Work Coach

I love how Lauri-Ann integrates pragmatic, practical and business logic with how this aligns to our soul, vision and the use of all of our chakras.

Lauri-Ann gave me the permission to show up how I wanted to! I had been so caught up in what I thought I ‘should do’ as a Life Coach rather than what I wanted to do.

Something wasn’t right, I had just launched my website but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I told Lauri-Ann I wanted to attract clients but if I wasn’t happy with what I was sharing with the world, how could I? We worked out that I definitely had a few blockages.

The energy Lauri-Ann brought to the session, how it was structured and what action steps I needed to take were a big turning point. I had so much energy post session as everything is now starting to feel more aligned. It’s given me a spark to keep looking at things and listen to my intuition no matter what. Since our session, I started making tweaks to my website, copy, branding and stripped back the layers to make it clearer and more simple to navigate for everyone. I needed someone to tell me how it is from an outsiders perspective, which Lauri-Ann was able to do in the most constructive way.

The session was invaluable and highly recommended if you are ready to align your ‘woo with your work’ for results.

Kristy Gray , Kristy Gray - Inner beauty and body coach

Who are lightworkers?

Lightworkers are people using their natural gifts, talents and knowledge to help raise the vibration of this planet. We are the ones who are supporting others on their journey of self-discovery, awakening and arising.

You may call yourself a: Life Coach, Mindset Coach, Wellness Coach, Holistic Coach, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Relationship Coach, Yoga Teachers, Transformation Coach, Herbalist etc.

We go by many names and have many talents but we are unified in our goal to create businesses that are divinely inspired, led from the heart and meant to serve others with our light.

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