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Energy Alignment & Business Success Coach 
for coaches, healers and wellness experts.

Become energetically aligned to manifest your best life and business. 

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You know that whatever is manifesting right now in your life and business is a reflection of what is happening within you

Perhaps you dream about...

  • Manifesting more abundance and wealth
    Attracting your ideal clients and selling more of your services
    Living with more meaning 
    Doing work that makes your soul sing
    Finding your purpose
    Building genuine relationships
    Living with ease and grace


  • You lack clarity about your goals and your vision for your business.

  • You have a deep knowing that your dreams & desires are right around the corner, but you’re not moving any closer to manifesting them. Things feel stagnant.

  • You have skills and talent that you know will be of service but you just don't know how to package them into attractive offers or communicate the value. 

  • You’re attracting the wrong kind of person for your services (or no clients at all) and you want to become magnetic to your ideal clients.

  • Intuitively you know that you have a block (like limiting beliefs) holding you back from success but you’re not sure how to identify and move through it.

  • You’re not making progress as quickly as you’d like and you’re not sure how to speed things up and manifest what you know is meant for you.

You need the Spirituality & the Strategy

Energy is everywhere and once you clear your energetic blocks and couple that with proven business strategy then take aligned action, your desires have no choice but to manifest. It’s a universal law! 

Hi I'm...
Lauri-Ann Ainsworth

Energy Alignment & Business Success Coach 

I help coaches, healers and wellness experts become energetically aligned to manifest their best life and business.

I use a combination of energy work, law of attraction techniques, life coaching and business strategy. 

I’ll help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Are your ready for an Upgrade?

Free Chakra Clearing

This free chakra mini-course is designed to introduce you to the 7 major chakras and equip you with techniques to clear and activate your energy system. Start vibrating with the energies of your desires now.

​Love Notes


Working with Lauri-Ann is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. In only 90 minutes, she helped me uncover what I’d been working on for a year with no success.

Josette leBlanc

Self-love & Soul Work Coach


I love how Lauri-Ann integrates pragmatic, practical and business logic with how this aligns to our soul, vision and the use of all of our chakras.

Kristy Gray
Inner Beauty & Body Coach


Working with Lauri-Ann has helped me understand that I need to connect more with my body and what’s going on inside of it. 

Marie-France Samba
Mindset Coach


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