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About Me

Hi Gorgeous!

I’m so glad the Universe guided you here and you trusted your intuition.

I’m looking forward to sharing my story with you and hopefully, it will help you on your own journey.

I created this space  to support busy, overworked professionals who want to slow down, be present and experience more fulfilment and flow in their lives. 

I help busy professionals find balance to thrive  in life and business so that they can make space for what matters most.

Are you ready to find balance and thrive?

Hi I'm Lauri-Ann. I'm a  mom to two young humans and one fur baby, a certified wellness coach, entrepreneur,  yoga  teacher and CEO of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship.  I have  a lot on my plate!

But, thankfully on my own wellness journey I found the tools  that help me reduce burnout, overwhelm and anxiety.  I'm obsessed with productivity hacks, planners,  self care and wellness because  together they keep me grounded and thriving.   

Everyone has their own definition of thriving but for me, it's living with ease and simplicity, being intentional with my energy and nourishing my body, mind and soul. 

I used to be exhausted and  stressed out all  the time!

Slow just wasn’t a word in my vocabulary.

I was always chasing my tail working a full-time job, multiple projects and starting my own business while trying to be a present mom and partner - Needless to say I was anything but present.

Doing things that I loved or taking time to care for myself was a once in a blue moon activity. The negative energy of my lifestyle started to take its toll on me. I wasn’t spending time with my family, the work I was doing wasn’t in alignment with my core desires and I felt unfulfilled. I wasn’t sleeping and the exhaustion was overwhelming.

That’s when it happened.

I heard a gentle voice in my head say, STOP!

And that’s exactly what I did. I stopped everything.

My healing journey

Immediately, I had pressed the pause button on all the projects I was working on. I started  practicing healing and relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga and breath work.

I started working with mentors and coaches and for the first time life was uncomplicated. It was SIMPLE and It felt so healing to me. It was what I needed.

Reiki was the next step in my journey ( a Japanese relaxation technique that  balances the mind and body ) and I developed a daily practice. I loved it so much that I continued my studies and became a Reiki Master. Later I became a certified life coach,  then a health and wellness coach and finally I did my yoga teacher training (RYT-200hr).

Life started to feel more aligned and in flow. I started incorporating self-care activities, mindfulness, and ritual into my life.   

Once I started taking  care of myself I realised I was being more productive and making better decisions at work and in my family life. 

My work involves helping busy professionals to slow down,  learn  tools and techniques to bring calm and ease, nourish your body and mind as well as productivity hacks that will keep you thriving in life and business.

It's time to take care of yourself so you can take care of business.

Why not start with my morning ritual planner? It will help you cultivate a morning routine that sets you up for a productive and intentional day.

Morning ritual planner

My morning ritual planner will help you to design an intentional morning routine that will fill your cup and leave you feeling energized and ready to give from the overflow.