Setting intentions with the energies of the new moon

Setting Intentions with the Energies of The New Moon

The new moon is the birthing phase of the lunar cycle. It’s a time to set intentions that we’d like to manifest and birth into our realities. New moon is the time to plant the seed of your manifestation and as the moon grows and becomes more illuminated, so do your intentions. Since I started practicing these sacred rituals and cycling with the moon, I find comfort in these rituals. Just like a seed planted deep out of sight, gestating in the darkness of the earth. This is the time to plant those intentions and as the moon becomes more full, your desires, wishes, dreams start to sprout and manifest.

Why work with lunar energies?

Thousands of years ago in many cultures, ancient civilization used the moon to navigate their lives. They understood that life is cyclical just like nature and when we are in harmony with that rhythm we live fuller lives. To this day the farmer almanac indicates that the new moon is the best time to plant seeds as the land is fertile.

When you tap into the power of the moon you can strengthen yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. This allows you to flow with ease and manifest your desires with less resistance.

You can start to prepare for the new moon by creating or downloading a moon phase calendar to track the exact date of the new moon in your hemisphere. You can download my lunar phase calendar here.

Creating a new moon ritual:

So, how do you set a new moon ritual? Well what I’m going to share below is what I do and there are other ways that may resonate with you and I think that’s fine. Take what you like, leave what you don’t. I firmly believe that you should make these rituals something that resonates with you and feels good for you to do.

Sacred space:

Having a special space that’s free from distraction is important so that you can set the intentions that are most aligned with your heart’s desires. You want to be positive energy into the space, so it’s a good idea to put the kids to bed, turn off your cell and the tv. It doesn’t matter whether you want to stay inside or go outside, just find a comfortable place that you can spend about 20-30 minutes.

I have an altar which is a small space on my table in my bedroom. On my altar, I keep crystals, pictures of my family, feathers, incense, candles and other items that make me feel tranquil and happy. I keep a comfortable chair, pillows, and shawls near that space so that when I’m doing a ritual I have all that I need to be comfortable.

Sacred supplies:

Gather your sacred tools and supplies to start.

  • A journal to keep a record of your intention – As we write our intentions we are sending a powerful message of our heart’s desires to the universe. The law of attraction loves when we write down our intentions on paper. Use a comfortable pen that writes beautifully.
  • Candles – they represent the four elements – wind, fire, water, and air.
  • Crystals – they can help to raise your vibration and are powerful tools in these rituals. I use clear quartz, labradorite, and moonstone. You can use stones that have various meanings depending on what intentions you are setting. I love Hibiscus moon who has a great article on crystals to work with moon energies.
  • Meditation music
  • Tools to clear the negative space – you can use sage, palo santo, essential oil diffuser using clearing oils like peppermint, lavender, frankincense.

Preparing your sacred space

Clear the space with your choice of tool. I use palo santo to remove any negative energy from the space and my body. 

You can also use essential oils like peppermint and lavender in a diffuser if you don’t have a smudge.

Ground yourself and meditate

Grounding yourself is always important when doing any ritual. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and it’s important to have a connection to the earth. Become still and imagine a root coming from the base of your chakra moving deep into the layers of the earth. Keep both feet planted on the ground and imagine that the earth is sending up loving safe energy to you. You are connected to mother earth.

You can also have beautiful music in the background and meditate for about 5 – 10 minutes. Do this for as long as you’d like. It’s totally up to you. You want to connect with your higher self so that the intentions you set are coming from your heart’s deepest desires and will be manifested for your highest good and greatest joy.


Say an invocation before beginning to write.

Dear universe, clear my mind and open my heart so that I may write on this paper my deepest desires that will be for my highest good and greatest joy. So be it. So it is.

Set your intentions

I write my intentions in my Law of Attraction journal. I like to keep it nearby because I use my planner daily and can track what is manifesting for me throughout the rest of the moon cycle. It also allows me to look back at full moon and see what wasn’t serving me and prevented me from manifesting my desires.

You can set as many intentions as you would like, this is a time to think BIG and be a visionary for your life. Don’t be afraid to be elaborate. Don’t be afraid that you’re thinking too small either. When I started setting intentions at new moon I remember questioning whether or not my intentions and manifesting wishes were too small and seemed like I wasn’t being ambitious enough. Don’t fret, just go with what’s in your heart big or small.

Surrender and release

Your intentions have been set and now you can release them to the universe to be manifested. Trust that you will do the work required to bring forth those intentions. It’s also important to remember Divine timing. Things could start to manifest for you immediately. Conversely, they may not happen as quickly as you’d like. Trust that the universe has your back and will give you what you wish for if it is for your highest good and greatest joy – at the right time.

I hope you found this helpful and I would love to hear about how you set intentions with the new moon. You can take this ritual and start using it or make it your own and do what feels good for you.

Love and light.

Lauri-Ann Ainsworth

Lauri-Ann Ainsworth is here to do her lightwork and raise the vibration of this planet. She's a Life Coach, Reiki Master, Women's Circle Facilitator, speaker, mama and creative. She helps intuitive, empathic and spiritually-minded people tune in to their core desires to live an intentional life with ease and flow so that they can contribute to this world with their own unique gifts. She'll help you design a life that's intentional and sacred by incorporating more rituals, energy work, cycling with the moon and practical business strategy.