What is the sacral chakra (Swadhisthana )?

The sacral chakra is the second chakra and is located by your lower abdomen right below your navel.  It is responsible for your ability to have fun in this world. It’s where our sexual and creative energy exist. This chakra helps us to understand what we like and don’t like. This chakra’s element is water, which is often associated with emotions.


Sanskrit Name: Swadhisthana

Colour:  Orange

Location: You lower abdomen right below your navel 

Responsible for: creativity, sexuality, creation, emotions, what you like and dislike

Affirmation: I feel

Element: Water


Physical imbalances with the sacral chakra

  • Low sex drive
  • Reproductive challenges
  • Uncomfortable with physical intimacy
  • Kidney issues
  • Urinary issues
  • Hip, lower back and pelvic issues
  • Abnormal menstruation

Emotional imbalances with the sacral chakra

  • Feeling shame or guilt
  • Emotionally unattached
  • Lacking creativity, joy, fun


To unblock and nourish your sacral chakra can be very emotional as this is the place where our emotions live and need to be expressed. One of the best ways to unblock any chakra is to get it vibrating at its normal frequency. When a chakra is blocked it is most likely spinning very slowly or not at all. It can also be overactive and move too fast but I’ll talk about that in another post.  

According to the law of vibration (one of the 12 universal laws) food, crystals, essential oil and music all vibrate at a particular frequency. When you use these tools that have a similar frequency to that of your solar plexus chakra, you help to heal it and bring it back into alignment. Let’s look at some of the ways you do this.

Meditation & Visualisations

Meditations are one of the ways I like to cleanse and rebalance my chakras. It’s actually one of the best ways to cleanse and activate your chakras. I believe in balancing all of them on a daily basis but if you want to do some work with just your sacral chakra, here is a great meditation you can use:

Energy Healing

If you feel like you need some additional support to clear a block or to learn techniques to support your own healing, visiting a professional like a Reiki Master is a good idea. Reiki is fantastic for all of your chakras and I mentioned this in my post about the Root Chakra as well.  A Reiki practitioner will help you to channel life force energy that will help to bring your chakras back into balance. You can learn more about this energy healing modality here.

Healing food for your sacral chakra

- Orange coloured foods such as:

  • Oranges
  • Pumpkin
  • Mangos
  • Tangerines
  • Carrots
  • Salmon

- Water (this chakra’s element is water, so drinking lots of water also helps to heal it.)

- Herbs & Spices: 

  • Coriander
  • Calendula
  • Fennel
  • Gardenia
  • Licorice
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Carob
  • Sweet paprika
  • Sesame seeds
  • Caraway seeds 

Aromatherapy - Essential oils to heal the sacral chakra

  • Sandal Wood
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger

How to use the essential oils for your sacral chakra **

  • A  massage focusing on the lower abdomen
  • Breathing it in using a diffuser
                                   **always use a carrier oil and skin safe essential oils.

Crystals to open & activate your sacral chakra 

  • Orange and coral calcite
  • Citrine
  • Orange carnelian
  • Orange adventurine

 How to use the crystals for your sacral chakra

  • Sit with them while you meditate. You can place the crystals on your sacral chakra area (lower abdomen, below the navel) while you lay down.  As you meditate breathe in and image a bright orange light filling your sacral chakra region. As you exhale imagine releasing any unwanted energy from the space.
  • Keep a crystal on your desk, in your pocket or in your bag to help you throughout the day.
  • Draw a bath and place a sacral chakra crystal in the water with you to help remove blocks and balance the chakra.

Yoga for your sacral chakra

Yoga is a powerful way to heal the chakras. Giving yourself a few minutes to connect with yourself can be very healing to your emotional wellbeing. Here is a great 40 minute sacral chakra sequence.

Busy and need some quick chakra healing? Try these simple ideas. 

  • Wear orange or add orange to your environment to remind you of your sacral chakra. Bringing awareness to this chakra and being mindful is a great way to start cleaning it.
  • Spend time near bodies of water like rivers, lakes or the sea. Swimming in them would be great too.
  • Keep a water feature in your house or even in the corner of your office. It can be a small one.

Affirmations for your sacral chakra

  • I feel safe enjoying sex
  • I radiate joy and the sweetness of life easily flows through me.
  • Creativity flows through me. I feel connected to all that is Divine.
  • I receive pleasure and abundance with every breath I take

Love & Light,


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