Full Moon Ritual

A full moon is a such a powerful time. Tonight we see the moon in all its glory illuminating the dark sky. It’s also a very potent energy for releasing that which no longer serves you.

At new moon (when there is no visible moon) you set intentions that grow and manifest at the same time the moon waxes to full illumination (full moon).

When the moon is at its brightest it highlights that which is holding you back from realizing the intention you had set at new moon or anything else that is no longer serving you on your path in life.

That’s why the full moon is a perfect time for shining a light on the crap and saying ok it’s time for you to go! Now is the time to do some releasing rituals and severing the ties with situations, habits, people, thoughts and other energies that are keeping you down.

I wanted to share a potent full moon releasing ritual that you can perform tonight.


  • White paper and pen
  • Candle
  • Cauldron or fire safe container like a pot
  • Crystals - optional (Although if you have crystals that need some cleansing and charging, put them in a container and leave them out in the full moon)
  • Sacred space - you can prepare your sacred space or go outside under the full moon


  1. Cleanse your space with a smudge (sage or palo santo)
  2. Cleanse your aura by moving the sacred smoke around you (Be careful. If possible use a feather to direct the smoke)
  3. Use a bell or a chime sound to signal the opening of the ceremony. You can even make a seed sound yourself - Chant OM three times.
  4. Light the candle
  5. Invocation - call in your spirit team to be with your during the ceremony - your guides, angels, ascended masters
  6. Stand with feet planted on the ground or sit with spine up and meditate for a few minutes, asking your higher self to make clear all the things that are no longer serving you.
  7. Start writing all the things you want to release this full moon. Keep writing until your intuition tells you to stop.
  8. Take the paper and fold it up (Or if you want to write on strips of paper, take each one) and light it with the flame of the candle. Place in the cauldron and allow the paper to burn to ashes.
  9. Say out loud as the paper burns “As I align with the energy of the full moon tonight, I willingly let go of what no longer empowers and nourishes me.” Take three slow deep full breaths.

  10. Now  say “I welcome the clarity, strength and many blessings the moon offers to me, and I trust my intuition, angels and guides to lead me towards relationships, situations and energies that will serve my highest good.”

  11. Gratitude - Thank your guides for coming in to support you

  12. Ensure the fire it out and soak up some of those beautiful moon beams.

    Love & Light,


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Lauri-Ann Ainsworth

Lauri-Ann Ainsworth is here to do her lightwork and raise the vibration of this planet. She's a Life Coach, Reiki Master, Women's Circle Facilitator, speaker, mama and creative. She helps intuitive, empathic and spiritually-minded people tune in to their core desires to live an intentional life with ease and flow so that they can contribute to this world with their own unique gifts. She'll help you design a life that's intentional and sacred by incorporating more rituals, energy work, cycling with the moon and practical business strategy.