Meditation to me is like drinking a cup of great coffee in the morning. I need it to get energized and focused. I know for some people meditation feels like a chore. I know because I used to be one of those  people.

The idea of meditation  was very alluring but, to be honest,  it felt so hard. I would try to sit still and “clear my mind” but my thoughts would be racing and of course my foot or hand would start to itch causing me to be anything but still and zen. Not to mention  the angst of sitting cross-legged in lotus position for an hour - Ouch!

It wasn’t until 2013 when I first started practicing hypnobirthing to deliver my daughter that I inadvertently learnt how to meditate (I didn’t know it at the time). You  see hypnobirthing is a technique that teaches mothers how to slow down and regulate their breath while using affirmations and guided audios. Through these techniques she is able to stay in a state of relaxation so that she gets out of her head, where fear,  worry and anxiety are formed causing resistance and pain. Instead she drops into her heart space where she can use love energy to help her birth new life with ease and no resistance.

I didn’t know it  at the time but that’s exactly what meditation is - a technique to help you slow down, regulate your breath and tap into love energy that is your Highest Self/ Spirit/ God/Source/Universe so that you can achieve a goal.  In hypnobirthing the goal was to get this beautiful life out into the world but with meditation the goal is to work on developing an aspect of yourself that you’d like to improve or create (birth).

Examples of goals you  can set for meditation:

  • Improving your patience so that you don’t snap at your kids and spouse when you feel stressed and overwhelmed
  • Learning to be more compassionate so that you stop being so hard on yourself
  • Developing more perseverance so that you can finish that project you started
  • Working to clear a block in a chakra or cleansing them all for optimal flow

There are so many goals that you could have in meditation and you can work on  one goal for as long as you’d like. The idea is to meditate on qualities that will make  your life happier, healthier and more purposeful. 

So, if you want to learn to be more patient, then every time you go to meditate you’ll set  an intention to develop more patience until you start to notice that quality in yourself.

Dandapani has a beautiful course on meditation. One of the best I’ve ever taken. I’m not an affiliate I just think it’s a course everyone should take to learn how to meditate in a simple, clear and easy to understand way.

4 Simple  steps  to start your meditation practice:

  1. Set a time to meditate - this is great to do in your morning ritual practice and when you set a time to meditate it keeps you consistent. Of course be flexible when you need to be.
  2. Start with a guided meditation. I find these work best to keep you focused on something when the brain wants to go everywhere else. Ultimately you’ll get to meditating and observing your thoughts rather than fighting with them and then falling into the gap of consciousness where you’ll  think you’ve fallen asleep. But if you are just starting a practice I find doing these guided meditations allows your mind and body to get used to the practice. There are so many great meditations on Youtube. Here are a few easy 5 minute meditations you can start with: 

           3. Sit comfortably - you don’t need to be in lotus position or sit on the ground. You can                sit on a  comfortable chair with feet on the ground or put a pillow up against a wall                  with your legs stretched out on the ground. The important  thing is to keep your                        back up. Laying down will signal to your body that it’s time to sleep and you don’t                    want to be in the sleeping state of consciousness but  rather in a meditative.

           4. Go slow and be kind to yourself - you don’t have to meditate for an hour, in fact you                 can meditate for 1 minute to start. It’s a practice that  you have to develop so                             commit to a few minutes every morning. My meditation practice is 15-20 minutes                     and it works perfectly for me. Do what works for you and a time that will keep you                   encouraged to keep coming back to the practice.

Love and Light,


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Lauri-Ann Ainsworth

Lauri-Ann Ainsworth is here to do her lightwork and raise the vibration of this planet. She's a Life Coach, Reiki Master, Women's Circle Facilitator, speaker, mama and creative. She helps intuitive, empathic and spiritually-minded people tune in to their core desires to live an intentional life with ease and flow so that they can contribute to this world with their own unique gifts. She'll help you design a life that's intentional and sacred by incorporating more rituals, energy work, cycling with the moon and practical business strategy.